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again Nifty Will Hits Record High , 10000


19-jan-2017 Account Handling Stock Option


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Intraday/Delivery: Buy 2lot SINTEX 25-Jan-2017 CE 92.5 at 1.50 Targets 1.70/1.90/2.30 stop loss 1.27

Intraday 2nd Target achieved in SINTEX 25-Jan-2017 CE 92.5 at 1.90 Profit 5700,Buy Given 2lot Today at 1.50

Option Trading Always same Targets

Nifty Option
Most popular
1st Target 20 point
3000 Profit
2nd Target 50 point
7500 Profit
3rd Target 100 point
15000 Profit
15000 Rs Profit 2 Lot
Stock Option
1st Target
1500 Rs Profit
2nd Target
3000 Rs Profit
3rd Target
5000 Rs Profit
5000 Rs Profit 1 Lot

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World Stock Indexes

1 DOW 19,761.90
-42.82 (-0.22%)    
2 S&P 2,265.44
-6.45 (-0.28%)    
3 NASDAQ 5,544.79
-10.87 (-0.20%)    
4 NIFTY ₹8,435.10
+18.10 (0.22%)    

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VRP Capital Derivative

 VRP Capital & Derivative market services  is a financial market advisory firm specialising in Derivative segment of National stock exchange of India.We provide stock market commentary along with technical chart analysis on derivative markets of India and major global indices.

VRP Capital has been promoted by a team of Experienced Technical Analysts,providing clients advice and handcrafted trading ideas on Derivative segment of national stock exchange.Our analysts on a consistent basis scan the options segment stocks in real-time with advanced indicators and software's which at an early stage forecast the future movement of the underlined securities. is a trading portal providing Stock Market Analysis, Advisory and mentorship services.

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